AAB offers unmatched photofinishing services which includes:

-: Printing photos from all kinds of digital storage solutions including CD , DVD, flash drive , any kind of memory card or mobile phones using high quality papers and chemicals, which guarantees very superior quality.

-: Enlarging photos in various sizes in addition to wood block and foam mounting.

-: The unique female printing services which was developed as a result of our great understanding of the local religious and social beliefs.

- Saving pictures, all kinds of films and even mounted slides into CD or DVD.


VHS tapes degrade over time and your home video memories are in danger.

Backup VHS tapes by transferring them to digital Media. Our video conversion service makes it easy to transfer your VHS, Hi8, and other video formats to long-lasting DVDs.

AAB was the premier company to introduce the revolutionary service, which gave us the ability to save our clients life time memories on a single DVD and preserve their precious memories from loss.


AAB has introduced the very creative fun printing services to flourish the unforgettable moments of life by printing on mugs, T-shirts, pillows , caps , mobile covers that enthralls everyone.

The fun printing products are very exceptional gifts to the beloved ones allowing people to revive their lovely memories.